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Punzonado vs. corte por láser

Punching Vs. Laser cutting

Today laser cutting has intruded on the space that historically belonged to punching and it has become the star technology in sheet metal fabricating industry, since it helps fabricators to become more and more productive and competitive. Punching, however, still offers advantages over laser cutting, which make the punching machine irreplaceable. Tools evolution: there are […]

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Punzonado servoeléctrico de DANOBAT


There are some materials that require special care when they are being punched in a punching machine, in order maximize performance and efficiency. In addition to the carbon steel, there are materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, brass, copper, etc. which because of its composition and hardness, require special treatment when choosing the […]

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Sheet Metal Processing News 31. Oct, 2013 0 Comments

Técnico de DANOBATGROUP China formándose en punzonado, cizallado y plegado

Technician in DanobatGroup China is trained in punching, shearing and bending

On the occasion of the next installation in China by the Sheet Metal Division of  DANOBAT of two lines for sheet metal processing, we have received in our premises the technician of DANOBATGROUP China for two weeks. This technician will be responsible for technical support of these machines.     DANOBATGROUP makes available technical assistance […]

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Línea flexible de punzonado, cizallado, apilado y plegado de DANOBAT

Special and adapted solutions for sheet metal cutting and bending

Differentiation, specialization, flexibility… are concepts with growing presence in markets and, of course, they are present in sheet metal processing companies. This is why there are more and more enterprises in the sheet metal cutting and bending sector that need special solutions for their production, solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of each one […]

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Silos metálicos fabricados con una solución de punzonado a medida

Adapted solutions in punching and bending

There are many customers that, given the size of the pieces to be punched or bent, need an adapted solution to their specific requirements. DANOBAT is a specialist in adapted solutions in sheet metal processing and always works close to its customers to design the best choice that fits their production needs.  For this, DANOBAT […]

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Maquina punzonadora Chroma 30

The importance of the dimensions of a punching machine

Most of times in which the users of sheet metal processing machines face the challenge of how to improve their productive capacity come across the question of what kind of machine is the one that best suits their needs. When they come to the conclusion that the machine they need is a punching machine, the […]

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our metal processing machines and technology blog. Leveraging our experience in this sector, we want to share our knowledge through this platform. In posts that we will be publishing we´ll discuss the punching, laser cutting and automatic bending processes, as well as combined techniques, but we´ll also include information on current industry and […]

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