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Danobat Sheet Metal 18. May, 2015 0 Comments

DANOBAT en la última feria de transformación de chapa, FABTECH, de Monterrey

DANOBAT at last FABTECH Sheet Metal Transformation Exhibition

DANOBAT Sheet Metal division, took part in the 12th edition of the FABTECH 2015 exhibition, which took place from 5 to 7 May at Cintermex, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. This is an annual exhibition, which takes place or in the city of Monterrey, in the North of the country, or in Mexico city, and which has […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 30. Jul, 2014 0 Comments

Punzonado vs. corte por láser

Punching Vs. Laser cutting

Today laser cutting has intruded on the space that historically belonged to punching and it has become the star technology in sheet metal fabricating industry, since it helps fabricators to become more and more productive and competitive. Punching, however, still offers advantages over laser cutting, which make the punching machine irreplaceable. Tools evolution: there are […]

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Danobat Sheet Metal 16. May, 2014 0 Comments

DANOBAT at last FIMAQH exhibition in Buenos Aires

Sheet Metal division of DANOBAT at last Fimaqh and Fabtech exhibitions

Last week have had place two important event for the machine tool industry in America, at which DANOBAT has been present exposing two machines for the processing of sheet metal. FIMAQH exhibition, held in Buenos Aires, and FABTECH exhibition, held in Mexico City, which have both coincided in time and in the success of influx. […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 21. Feb, 2014 0 Comments

Herramientas de punzonado más utilizadas en punzonadoras


Punching machines offer a wide range of possibilities that allow the manufacturing of all kinds of parts, starting with sheets of different materials and thicknesses. Punching machines use, to do this, a set of punches and dies, with which the final piece it is manufactured. Punching tools can be classified into three groups: cutting tools, […]

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Danobat Sheet Metal 07. Feb, 2014 0 Comments

Save Energy


The state of the art technology describe the four technological pillars or strengths of DANOBAT punching machines, punch-shear and punch-laser combination machines.  These are punching and combination machines that incoporate cutting-edge technology base on these pillars: Easy Turret, Save Energy, Smart Tech and Modular Tech. Ergonomic design:  The application of ergonomy in punching machine design […]

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Sheet Metal Processing News 15. Nov, 2013 0 Comments

Influencia del formato de chapa en la punzonadora

Influence of sheet format on the punching machine

The sheet format to be punched is one of the factors that can influence the quality of the piece machined in a punching machine.  If the sheet format introduced in the punching machine is the same size as the part, the following effects could be encountered: ·    Problems with the sheet metal length:  the part’s […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 30. Aug, 2013 0 Comments

Prácticas a evitar en la programación de una punzonadora

Influence of programming on the life of punching tools

Correct programming of a punching machine affects directly the life of its punching tools. The number of punches a tool can make in a punching machine is closely related to the programming of the same. Poor programming can greatly reduce the life of the punching tools. When making a program, you must take into account […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 29. Jul, 2013 0 Comments

Punching machine model CHROMA of DANOBAT

Basic and strong punching machines

DANOBAT is specialized in the manufacturing of customer adapted solutions, but has also demonstrated during its 50 years of experience, a great capacity in the design and creation of basic punching machines, whose strong points are the strenght and efficiency, as it is the case of CHROMA punching machine. CHROMA is the star in our […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 19. Jul, 2013 0 Comments

Sistema de almacenamiento de chapa en punzonadoras

Sheet metal storage in punching machine through automation

The storage of sheet metal by using automation in punching machines aims space-saving, on one side, and to process different formats in queue without having to stop the machine, on the other. Within the different options to automate the process of sheet metal storage, the most basic one is the integration of an automatic loading […]

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Danobat Sheet Metal 07. Jun, 2013 0 Comments

Punzonadora CHROMA de DANOBAT en unas jornadas de puertas abiertas en Francia

DANOBAT punching machine at open doors days in France

The Sheet Metal Division of DANOBAT, in the hands of MB MACHINE OUTILS, will hold some open doors days in France, that will be from June 12 to 14. The open days will take place in the showroom that the official dealer for the sheet metal division, MB TOLERIE, has in the village of Saint […]

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