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Danobat Sheet Metal 19. Jun, 2014 0 Comments

La máquina de corte por láser ha sido la gran estrella, con su generador de 5 kW de potencia


The Sheet Metal Division of DANOBAT has taken part in the Spanish International Machine-Tool Exhibition again (BIEMH), which took place in Bilbao, from 2 nd to 7th June, showing its strong commitment for cutting-edge technology with its solutions aimed at state-of-the-art sectors. DANOBATGROUP has been the largest exhibitor at the event, with 1400 sqm of […]

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Danobat Sheet Metal 10. May, 2013 0 Comments

Punzonadora combinada con Cizalla DANOBAT con nuestro equipo en Australia

DANOBAT CUPRA Punch+Shear combination machine caused a great sensation during open doors days in Autralia

Sheet Metal Division of DANOBATGROUP launched in Australia its Electric Punch+Shear combination machine, model CUPRA, during the open door days that were held from April 15 to 19. These open door days took place at the showroom that the company CMTS, official dealer for Sheet Metal Division of DANOBATGROUP, has in the city of Hallam, […]

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About Sheet Metal processing 12. Apr, 2013 0 Comments

Carro vertical de cizalla en la punzonadora combinada con cizalla DANOBAT

Shear drive in punch+shear combination machines

DANOBAT punch+shear combination machines, series CUPRA, are highly productive systems, and the perfect solution for rectangular parts and large production volumes. One of the key parts of the punch+shear combination machine is, of course, the shear carriage. Shear vertical carriage supports a pair of blades that provide large dimension angle cutting (800 x 1500 mm).  […]

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