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Ejemplos de diferentes plegados positivos y negativos realizados en una paneladora automática DANOBAT


Carrying out positive and negative bends in a bending machine implies flipping the part whenever the direction of the bend changes. This fact is not as problematic in the case of small parts, since a single operator can manipulate the part quickly and comfortably. The real problem appears when the size of the parts to […]

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Línea flexible de punzonado, cizallado, apilado y plegado de DANOBAT

Special and adapted solutions for sheet metal cutting and bending

Differentiation, specialization, flexibility… are concepts with growing presence in markets and, of course, they are present in sheet metal processing companies. This is why there are more and more enterprises in the sheet metal cutting and bending sector that need special solutions for their production, solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of each one […]

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Danobat Sheet Metal 14. Dec, 2012 0 Comments

Paneladora automática: Productividad en el plegado

Automatic panel bender: productivity in bending

DANOBAT Sheet Metal, apart from punching, fiber laser cutting and sheet metal flexible systems, is a specialist in bending technology, in particular in the automatic panel bending.  The PG panel bender range of DANOBAT guarantees high productivity, minimising machine set-up times. The single tool bending concept on one hand and the automatic manipulation on the […]

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our metal processing machines and technology blog. Leveraging our experience in this sector, we want to share our knowledge through this platform. In posts that we will be publishing we´ll discuss the punching, laser cutting and automatic bending processes, as well as combined techniques, but we´ll also include information on current industry and […]

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