Special lines of DANOBAT for silo roofs manufacturing

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DANOBAT continues developing special and customized solutions for sheet metal processing, manufacturing customized flexible lines, through the integration of different processes. In this case, DANOBAT presents a line focused on the livestock equipment sector, in particular for the manufacturing of metal silos.

Special lines of DANOBAT for silo roofs manufacturing

Special lines of DANOBAT for silo roofs manufacturing



This new line is specially designed for the manufacture of conical sections of silo roofs. These pieces have several special features, which one of the most important is the dimension, because depending on the size of the silo, these pieces can reach up to 6.5 m long. Another point to consider is that regardless of the size of each piece, the position of the cuts and profile of the bends is always the same.



The line designed by DANOBAT integrates different technologies, providing the productivity and flexibility needed in a fully automatic way.

The line is supplied with sheet from coil, thus increases the pace of work because material advances continuously, and also improves flexibility, avoiding the need to change sheet formats. Coil feeds a fiber laser which is responsible for cutting the part, both interior and exterior cuts, and it is at this point where the piece is separated.  Laser technology provides the flexibility needed to cut pieces of different features in continuous way, without any stop to set it up. Depending on productivity that each client needs, this fiber laser can be equipped with one or more cutting heads.  For each extra head added, part cutting time shall be reduced proportionately, and thus manufacturing time per part will be reduced at the end of the line.

Finally, the cut piece coming from the laser is transported directly to a bending cell composed of bending machines and robots, which are responsible to make automatically the bends in all sides of the part. As mentioned above, the fact that all bends are equal in all parts allows to work with a line of robots with bending machines, since the line does not require flexibility but high productivity in this process.

This line, which starts with a coil fed fiber laser and transfers the parts automatically to a bending, which stacks the finished parts ready for packing, provides high productivity without the intervention of any operator or need for any manipulation, with the advantage this means when working with large parts.

The preparation and design of this automatic and flexible line has been result of the work done by DANOBAT over the years in conjunction with our silos manufacturer customers to find solutions and improvements in the manufacture of this sector.

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