Special and adapted solutions for sheet metal cutting and bending

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Differentiation, specialization, flexibility… are concepts with growing presence in markets and, of course, they are present in sheet metal processing companies. This is why there are more and more enterprises in the sheet metal cutting and bending sector that need special solutions for their production, solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of each one of them. In the current reality, standard solutions are no longer enough and they need to find added values for each process.

This is why DANOBAT focuses on each project from this point of view, i.e., with the idea to set up each machine or sheet metal processing line for a specific work. Although there are countless possibilities, below are some of the most common ones, such as:

Combination of technologies on the same machine or line: punching, shearing, laser cutting, bending.
-  Working areas that can be adapted to large formats.
-  Special loading systems for format of large dimensions (for example 6.5 m).
-  Unloading systems that can unload complete blanks, separating and stacking the parts or even evacuate the cut piece and transport it to the operator’s position.
-  Systems for automatic turning down of parts, which goes automatically from the cutting to the bending process.

It is noticed how in recent years the punching and bending have gone from being relatively standards processes, to become more and more special, specially thanks to the different types of automation that can be adapted to get a custom-made solution.

Punching, shearing, stacking and bending flexible line of DANOBAT

Punching, shearing, stacking and bending flexible line of DANOBAT

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