Punching Vs. Laser cutting

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Today laser cutting has intruded on the space that historically belonged to punching and it has become the star technology in sheet metal fabricating industry, since it helps fabricators to become more and more productive and competitive. Punching, however, still offers advantages over laser cutting, which make the punching machine irreplaceable.

Tools evolution: there are tools that permit to cut progressively, eliminating marks between punch and punch, getting a quality similar to laser cutting.

In addition, laser cannot do forming operations, and to do these punching machines are required, with which all kinds of operations can be performed, as, for example, thread cutting, bending, deforming progressively, etc.

Floor space:  In most cases, the floor space needed by a punching machien is usually smaller than a laser cutting machine, which is a great advantage in any company.

Production cost: the cost of performing a part in a punching machine is far less than to make in a laser. On thin thicknesses and simple shaped parts no laser can compete with the cost of the punching machine. And, in addition, generally, the initial investment in the purchase of a punching machine is lower than in a laser cutting machine.

DANOBAT includes in its range of sheet metal processing machines both punching and laser cutting technologies, so we study each case and provide the technology that best fits the needs of each customer.

Punching vs. laser cutting

Punching vs. laser cutting

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