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There are some materials that require special care when they are being punched in a punching machine, in order maximize performance and efficiency.

In addition to the carbon steel, there are materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, brass, copper, etc. which because of its composition and hardness, require special treatment when choosing the right punching tools.

Below we detail different techniques to improve the behavior of punching tools with these types of materials:

Spring: more robust springs are used to reinforce the tool and get a better recovery.

Bath:  different surface treatments are used to avoid tool catching during the work phase, since materials such as aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel give off more dirt than the raw steel and this dirties the tool more, increasing the danger of snagging.

Clearance:  bigger clearances are used to process materials with higher resistances to carbon.

Cleaning: Cleaning of tools must be more thorough and frequent to prevent the tool from filling with dirt and jamming internally.

The punching of different materials

The punching of different materials

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