Trajectories of the blades in an automatic panel bender (Part I)

Sheet Metal Processing News 21. Dec, 2012 0 Comments

Trayectorias de las lamas en una paneladora automática: Distancia de Ataque Constante

As we told you in the last week post, the DANOBAT automatic panel bender, as the rest of its range of punching machines, punch-shear and punch-laser combination machines and fiber laser cutting machines, is a very sophisticated machine and the best solution for complex bends and high added value applications. The DANOBAT automatic panel bender […]

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Automatic panel bender: productivity in bending

Danobat Sheet Metal 14. Dec, 2012 0 Comments

Paneladora automática: Productividad en el plegado

DANOBAT Sheet Metal, apart from punching, fiber laser cutting and sheet metal flexible systems, is a specialist in bending technology, in particular in the automatic panel bending.  The PG panel bender range of DANOBAT guarantees high productivity, minimising machine set-up times. The single tool bending concept on one hand and the automatic manipulation on the […]

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Machine safety protections

About Sheet Metal processing 07. Dec, 2012 0 Comments

Aspectos críticos en las medidas de seguridad de una punzonadora

The DANOBAT sheet metal processing equipments are manufactured with all the safety elements to minimize risks for operators who work with them.  An important part of these safety elements are the protections or defences, which consist of elements located in the machine and its periphery destined for the user’s safety. These protections and defences are […]

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Training of the staff that operates a sheet metal equipment

About Sheet Metal processing 30. Nov, 2012 0 Comments

Operator performing maintenance jobs

The importance of mastering the management of sheet metal processing systems DANOBAT is basic to make the most of them, and to this end right training of operators is of vital importance. Following all the staff training guidelines  that we explain below you will be sure that your DANOBAT punching machine, punch shear or punch […]

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Automation with sense

About Sheet Metal processing 23. Nov, 2012 0 Comments

DANOBAT Punching-Shearing-Bending line

The automation of the processes is one of the most efficient ways to increase productivity by reducing production costs. And all this because a rhythm of constant work is get in which the worker is not implied. But on the other hand we must not fall into the trap of thinking that the greater automation, […]

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The importance of the clearance in the tools

About Sheet Metal processing 16. Nov, 2012 0 Comments

Tools turret of a DANOBAT punching machine

In order to get the most out of a punching machine, choosing the right clearance between punch and die is vital. This clearance will depend on the size difference between punch and die.  The clearance between punch and die basically depends on the thickness of the plate and the kind of material to be punched. […]

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The tooling in a punching machine

About Sheet Metal processing 09. Nov, 2012 0 Comments

Standard punching tool

The correct use of tools in a punching machine is of vital importance in order to obtain the desired pieces within the tolerances and technical specifications indicated on the manufacturing drawing. We must take into account the fact that the tool is an element of wear, which is why its adequate use and maintenance can […]

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EUROBLECH 2012 exhibition

Danobat Sheet Metal 02. Nov, 2012 0 Comments

Gran afluencia de visitantes en nuestro stand en EuroBlech

Last week was held in Hannover (23-27 October) the most important fair worldwide in the sheet metal sector: the EUROBLECH 2012. Now comes for us the time to analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions. From DANOBAT Sheet Metal we can say that it has been a very positive exhibition, both because of the large number of […]

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Electric ram with cycle control

About Sheet Metal processing 26. Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Gráfico de movimiento del cigüeñal

In a punching machine the drive system of the work tool provides both control of the working speed of the punching tool as well as the control of its travel. In a punching machine the working tools consist of punches, which displace from a non-operating position to a work position, in which contact with the […]

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Everybody to the EUROBLECH!!

Danobat Sheet Metal 19. Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Visítenos en el pabellón 12, stand A50

Next week, from 23 to 27 October, a new edition of the EuroBLECH exhibition will be held in Hannover, and of course, DANOBAT Sheet Metal will be there once again , with a stand of 465 sq m, showing its sheet metal solutions. EuroBLECH is the world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal working industry. […]

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