Linear motors in laser cutting machines

About Sheet Metal processing 22. Mar, 2013 1 Comment

Motor lineal en las máquinas de corte por láser

The range of DANOBAT fiber laser cutting machines -IRIS- is equipped with linear motors.  Linear motors together with powerful CNCs, appear as a major potential source of benefits for high speed machine tools, especially laser cutting machines, and what exactly is a linear motor?   A linear motor is a primary element, where the windings […]

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Automatic sheet referencing system in laser cutting machines

Sheet Metal Processing News 15. Mar, 2013 0 Comments

Sistema de referenciado automático de chapa en las máquinas de corte por laser DANOBAT

The range of DANOBAT mobile optics laser cutting machines -IRIS have an algorithm for the detection of the position and angle of the plate to be processed.  The software for sheet referencing enables an accurate positioning of the plate, using the capacitive sensor of the workpiece undulation monitoring system. Through the capacitive sensor located in […]

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Factors influencing laser cutting

About Sheet Metal processing 08. Mar, 2013 0 Comments

Diversos factores se deben ajustar en las máquinas de corte por láser

In order to achieve perfect conditions of sheet metal cutting with a laser cutting machine, several factors must be taken into account. In the numerical control of DANOBAT machines, such as the fiber laser cutting machine IRIS and the punch + laser combination machine, SILVER, technological tables are integrated, where all the necessary conditions for […]

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Modular design in sheet metal machines

About Sheet Metal processing 01. Mar, 2013 0 Comments

Sistema MODULAR TECH desarrollado por DANOBAT

Modular design in sheet metal processing industry is a combination of standardization and customization. A design based on modularity allows optimization of the manufacturing process, transport and transformation of models. Currently in the manufacturing of sheet metal processing machines, standardization prevails. This speeds up the assembly process as well as lowering the prices, in the […]

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Adapted solutions in punching and bending

About Sheet Metal processing 22. Feb, 2013 0 Comments

Silos metálicos fabricados con una solución de punzonado a medida

There are many customers that, given the size of the pieces to be punched or bent, need an adapted solution to their specific requirements. DANOBAT is a specialist in adapted solutions in sheet metal processing and always works close to its customers to design the best choice that fits their production needs.  For this, DANOBAT […]

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Main differences between Laser and Shear Combination Machine

Sheet Metal Processing News 15. Feb, 2013 0 Comments

Trampilla láser en una punzonadora combinada con láser

Punch+laser and punch+shear combination machines have as main target to start with raw material and obtain finished part in a single system.  The main difference is the integration of a laser cutting head in the first case and an electric angle shear in the second. Regarding the punching, there is no difference between both combinations […]

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Laser cutting and the materials to be processed

About Sheet Metal processing 08. Feb, 2013 0 Comments

Diferentes materiales que pueden procesarse en una máquina de corte láser

  Sheet Metal processing division of DANOBATGROUP offers within its range of sheet metal machines a laser cutting machine, IRIS, and punch-shear combination machine, SILVER. The laser technology used in these models is the fiber, since it offers advantages over other technologies. The advantages offered by fiber are, among others, lower energy consumption, lower maintenance […]

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Sheet metal exhibitions 2013

Danobat Sheet Metal 01. Feb, 2013 0 Comments

Fiber laser cutting machine IRIS at Euroblech 2012

The Sheet Metal processing division of  DANOBATGROUP plans to attend different metal forming exhibitions all over the world  in 2013. They are 8 international events, in which we will show the latest developments in the technology of punching, fiber laser cutting, combination machines, automatic panel benders and flexible sheet metal lines. The sheet metal exhibitions […]

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DANOBAGROUP’s sheet metal processing division celebrates its 50th anniversary

Sheet Metal Processing News 04. Jan, 2013 0 Comments

Socios de DANOBAT Sheet Metal delante de las instalaciones de Elgoibar

DANOBAGROUP’s  Sheet Metal division celebrated last 21 December its fifty years manufacturing machines for sheet metal processing, currently focusing its activity on the manufacture of electric punching machines, punch+shear and punch+laser combination machines, automatic panel benders, fiber laser cutting machine and sheet metal flexible systems. Throughout these 50 years, the undergone evolution has been very […]

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Trajectories of the blades in an automatic panel bender (part II)

Sheet Metal Processing News 28. Dec, 2012 0 Comments

Trayectorias de las lamas en una paneladora automática: Punto de ataque constante

Further to last week post, this week we explain the two remaining types of bending interpolations that performs the DANOBAT automatic panel bender. The panel benders complete the range of machines for sheet metal forming that offers the Sheet Metal division of DANOBAT, such as punching machines, punch-shear and punch-laser combination machines and the fiber […]

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