Sheet metal loading through automation in laser cutting machines

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Sistema de carga y descarga automática Compact para máquina de corte por láser

The sheet metal division of DANOBAT, as manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines, offers different solutions to perform automatically the sheet metal loading in its machines. The simplest option is the fit a rotating arm with a suction-pads grid, to feed the machine.  In this case, the cut part unloading is performed manually by the […]

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Special and adapted solutions for sheet metal cutting and bending

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Línea flexible de punzonado, cizallado, apilado y plegado de DANOBAT

Differentiation, specialization, flexibility… are concepts with growing presence in markets and, of course, they are present in sheet metal processing companies. This is why there are more and more enterprises in the sheet metal cutting and bending sector that need special solutions for their production, solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of each one […]

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Basic and strong punching machines

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Punching machine model CHROMA of DANOBAT

DANOBAT is specialized in the manufacturing of customer adapted solutions, but has also demonstrated during its 50 years of experience, a great capacity in the design and creation of basic punching machines, whose strong points are the strenght and efficiency, as it is the case of CHROMA punching machine. CHROMA is the star in our […]

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Sheet metal storage in punching machine through automation

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Sistema de almacenamiento de chapa en punzonadoras

The storage of sheet metal by using automation in punching machines aims space-saving, on one side, and to process different formats in queue without having to stop the machine, on the other. Within the different options to automate the process of sheet metal storage, the most basic one is the integration of an automatic loading […]

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Programming of a laser cutting machine

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Prácticas a evitar en la programación de una punzonadora

When programming a laser cutting machine some basic criteria must be taken into accoung in order to reach the maximum performance of the machine, and at the same time, make the machine work in ideal conditions. We explain below some standards and advises to ensure proper machine use:  Select the cutting modes suitable for each […]

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Laser cutting machine in the open house

Danobat Sheet Metal 05. Jul, 2013 0 Comments

IRIS laser cutting machine in Open House in DANOBAT

The Sheet Metal Division of DANOBAT has held during the month of June an open house focused on the IRIS model laser cutting machine.  The bet DANOBAT for fiber laser cutting technology has established itself as a bet for the future. The aim of this open house was to show on-site to those companies interested […]

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Importance of working area in a laser cutting machine

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Importancia del area de trabajo en una máquina de corte por láser

The working area in a laser cutting machine is important in terms of the application or product that the customer has to machine. It is increasing the number of customers who require large-sized machines for large parts, such as the wind industry, railroad, or large metal silos. In order to cover this growing demand of […]

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“Flying cut“ mode on laser cutting machines

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In DANOBAT, as specialists in laser cutting machines, we call “flying cut” a way of working in which activation / deactivation of the laser occurs when the head is in displacement. In normal working mode, the machining procedure in separate trajectories involves the laser activation and deactivation when the axes are stopped. I.e. initial positioning, […]

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Five advantages of fiber laser cutting

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El corte por láser ha sufrido importantes desarrollos en los últimos años

Fiber laser technology applied to sheet metal processing offers the user many benefits with respect to other cutting technologies.  Now we will tell you the five most important advantages, which are of course included in the IRIS fiber laser cutting machine, developed by DANOBAT: EFFICIENCY: Significant reduction in energy consumption due to the high performance […]

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DANOBAT punching machine at open doors days in France

Danobat Sheet Metal 07. Jun, 2013 0 Comments

Punzonadora CHROMA de DANOBAT en unas jornadas de puertas abiertas en Francia

The Sheet Metal Division of DANOBAT, in the hands of MB MACHINE OUTILS, will hold some open doors days in France, that will be from June 12 to 14. The open days will take place in the showroom that the official dealer for the sheet metal division, MB TOLERIE, has in the village of Saint […]

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