Modular design in sheet metal machines

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Modular design in sheet metal processing industry is a combination of standardization and customization. A design based on modularity allows optimization of the manufacturing process, transport and transformation of models.

Currently in the manufacturing of sheet metal processing machines, standardization prevails. This speeds up the assembly process as well as lowering the prices, in the highly competitive machine tool market.

Due to the modularity of the machine, the development process of a model is shortened, as it facilitates the change from one technology to another.

Modular Tech System developped by DANOBAT

MODULAR TECH System developped by DANOBAT

In the application of this philosophy of modularity, DANOBAT sheet metal processing machines have been designed with the MODULAR TECH system.  This enables the incorporation of any automation element throughout the life of the machine, as well as enabling the transformation of a CHROMA punching machine into a punch+shear combination machine CUPRA, or a punch+laser combination machine, SILVER.

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