Main differences between Laser and Shear Combination Machine

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Punch+laser and punch+shear combination machines have as main target to start with raw material and obtain finished part in a single system.  The main difference is the integration of a laser cutting head in the first case and an electric angle shear in the second.

Regarding the punching, there is no difference between both combinations of technologies, since both of them are formed with a punching machine of the same caracteristics.

Laser trap-door in a punch+laser combination machine

Laser trap-door in a punch+laser combination machine


A punch+laser combination machine is mainly used to cut parts with irregular contours, many interior holes and deformations, providing them great added value.

On the contrary, a punch+shear combination machine is the perfect system for large production volumes in rectangular parts with many external right cuttings.




DANOBAT includes both technologies within its range of sheet metal processing machines. Its punch+laser combination machine, SILVER, is based on the fiber technology, which enables large reductions in energy consumption. In the case of its punch+shear combination machine, CUPRA, the shearing is servoelectrically driven, which allows high shearing rates and low energy consumption.

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