Linear motors in laser cutting machines

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The range of DANOBAT fiber laser cutting machines -IRIS- is equipped with linear motors.  Linear motors together with powerful CNCs, appear as a major potential source of benefits for high speed machine tools, especially laser cutting machines, and what exactly is a linear motor?

Linear motor in laser cutting machines

Linear motor in laser cutting machines


A linear motor is a primary element, where the windings and a secondary element that covers the length to be cut are found. This thus provides us with the advantage of the possibility of having several primaries on the same side. As in the case of rotary engines, there are synchronous and asynchronous models. The active linear drive set is composed by virtue of the linear guides, the linear measurement system and the electronic regulator.


Applications with linear motors eliminate the elements of mechanical transmission which,  due to their elasticity, make that drives behave with a oscillatory nature, limiting the dynamic and gain of the Kv factor. The transmission of the force is now directly carried out by the magnetic field. This provides a number of advantages over traditional drives based on mechanical transmissions, among which are the higher values of speed and acceleration and reduction of vibration levels.

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