Factors influencing laser cutting

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In order to achieve perfect conditions of sheet metal cutting with a laser cutting machine, several factors must be taken into account. In the numerical control of DANOBAT machines, such as the fiber laser cutting machine IRIS and the punch + laser combination machine, SILVER, technological tables are integrated, where all the necessary conditions for cutting different materials and thickness are adjusted.

These tables include the values of factors influencing sheet metal cutting, always depending on the material to be cut and the sheet metal thickness. These factors are the following:

Different factors must be adjusted in laser cutting machines

Different factors must be adjusted in laser cutting machines

Cutting gas: It is measured in bars and regulates the proportion of oxygen, nitrogen and air.

Speed: it is measured in m/min.

Power: is it measured in kW. Note that the energy consumption is very low due to fibre technology.

Diameter of nozzle: this measure is given in mm.

Stand off: distance between the nozzle head to the plate. This measure is given in mm.

Focal length: point where greater concentration of heat is focused through the lens. This point can be on the plate or even inside it. Therefore, the values can be positive or negative depending on the position. This measure is given in mm.

By virtue of the right combination of all these factors, the best possible cutting quality is achieved, as well as doing it in the shortest possible time and with the lowest production cost.

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