Automation of laser cutting machines (Part II)

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Among the different options to automate the sheet metal storing process in a laser cutting machine, the most basic one is the integration of a simultaneous automatic loading and unloading system, without the intervention of the operator. The device positions the sheet in the loading area of the machine, and collects the processed format simultaneously.

However, the best solutions to save space is the one offered by an automatic sheet metal storage system.

DANOBAT fiber laser machine with automatic storage system

DANOBAT fiber laser machine with automatic storage system




DANOBAT offers as standard solution a unitary storage system of 10 positions or shelves, although the number of positions can be adapted according to customer’s requirements.  This shelves are equipped with a transelevator device, guided vertically for the movement of batches.




The dimensions of both the simpliest system for loading and unloading simultaneously and the storage system, are 1500×3000 mm or 2000×4000 mm in standard version.  Nevertheless, in accordance with its philosophy of adaptation to the needs of its customers, DANOBAT offers the possibility of customize these automations in each case.

This systems are integrated with laser cutting machines through a cutting-edge and user-friendly software.

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