Automation of laser cutting machines (Part I)

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Laser cutting is a widespread technology, both in the sheet metal cutting world as in the three-dimensional parts.  Due to its versatility to process all types of geometries in a wide range of materials and thicknesses, in addition to the high cutting speeds and great accuracy achieved, today is one of the most commonly used cutting technologies. DANOBAT laser cutting machines are manufactured according to customer’s requirements in terms of sheet dimensions and power of the cutting generator.

There is a wide range of laser cutting machines, which can also become stand-alone lines by installing automatic systems for sheet storage, loading and unloading.

Sheet storage by means of automations in the laser cutting machines aims space saving, on one hand, and to be able to process different formats in queue without having to stop the machine, on the other. In addition, the automation of the laser cutting machine makes it a stand-alone system, which barely requires the intervention of the operator.

Laser cutting machine with automatic loading and unloading system

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    28. Apr, 2015

    The functionality of laser cutting machine is something on which we rely on. It's tremendous agile cutting process makes it less time consuming job. Actually it's various cutting efficiency makes it widespread technology.

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