Adapted solutions in punching and bending

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There are many customers that, given the size of the pieces to be punched or bent, need an adapted solution to their specific requirements. DANOBAT is a specialist in adapted solutions in sheet metal processing and always works close to its customers to design the best choice that fits their production needs.  For this, DANOBAT offers all kind of automation solutions, such as loading systems, unloading systems, stacking solutionssheet storage systems, etc.

Metal silos manufactured with a customised punching machine

Metal silos manufactured with a customised punching machine



Manufacturers of metal silos are an example of a sector requiring a customised solutions, because due to the large size of the segments to be punched, the handling of their parts gets very difficult. DANOBAT proposes in this case its CHROMA punching machine with a working format of 1,500 x 4,000 mm., with automatic loading and unloading systems of up to 6,500 mm.




Another example are the manufacturers of display cabinets and refrigerators for supermarkets. These products must be manufactured according to their standards, and DANOBAT has designed a semi-automatic panel bender specially to meet these standards.

Apart from the size of the parts to be processed, lack of space on the production facilities is another reason why a customer may require a customised solution, for which DANOBAT delves into the specific needs of each customer, in order to offer the most suitable layout and loyalty relationship with them.

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